Air conditioning Heat pump cleaning

Clima-Pur Offers an optimal and professional cleaning of air conditioners, heat pumps and heating systems.

Thanks to a clean, quick and harmless method, Clima-Pur offers you a thorough cleaning of the air conditioning and heating units of your home or business, using specialized and bio-degradable products.

At Clima-Pur we use a wireless approach and all that is needed to complete the work is contained in a portable unit. Whether the unit requiring cleaning is located on the roof, in the attic or in a small area, our technician will always succeed in completing the work, even if access to a power outlet or water is not available.


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Why is it necessary to clean the air conditioning or Heat-pump Mini-split Unit

Fibers, dusts, solvents, and many other harmful particles emerge from the materials that, in the long run, degrade in the indoor environment and can have negative effects on health. Badly maintained furnaces and chimneys can also release toxic gases.

Studies have shown that the indoor atmosphere of a home can be two to ten times more polluted than outdoor air. Since we spend more than half of our time indoors, it’s a good idea to be sure of the quality of the air we breathe.

The Mini-split Heat pump is an almost essential means of cleaning indoor air and limiting allergies, provided that it is equipped with a powerful filtration system. Thanks to the interior modules equipped with filters, dust particles, various pollutants, fumes, grease, odours are collected to offer you a purified atmosphere.

Regular cleaning of the Heat Pump unit ensures maximum efficiency of the air conditioning and heating systems:

The heat pump, air conditioning and central heating is not just about cooling or heating your home. Their filtration system also helps maintain the quality of the air and the humidity level of your home to improve your well-being.

There are three levels of integrated filtration available in these different systems. Pre-filtration retains the largest dust and pollen in your indoor environment. Then, an inert electrostatic filter stops bacteria, mites and fine dust. Finally, deodorizing activated carbon filters that suppress fumes, oil vapours and odours are often included.

Of course, these systems need to be perfectly maintained to not produce the opposite effect. An annual review by a professional will ensure optimal efficiency on air quality.

By preserving the quality of the ambient air, these systems make it possible to breathe better in all seasons. The choice of the type of air conditioning or heating should therefore take into account the filtration system, especially for homes where allergies and other breathing difficulties are present.

Before cleaning


After cleaning

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Summer Special

Take advantage of our promotion and have your wall units (mini-Splits) cleaned for a clean and healthy air:


$ 229.00 for cleaning the wall unit (Mini Slit)

Here’s what’s included:

  • Remove and clean air filters
  • Remove and clean the parts of the unit that forms the facia and shutter
  • Place the recovery and protection system around the wall unit
  • Clean the condenser-radiator using the pressure unit and the flexible tool
  • Clean the fan unit using the pressure unit and the flexible tool
  • Clean the condensate drain tray using the pressure unit
  • Rinse all previously cleaned parts with the pressure unit with clean water
  • Drying and re-installing parts of the face and shutter

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For every first cleaning, we offer you 20% discount for your 2nd cleaning when you join an annual cleaning plan, it’s almost $ 40 less to pay for your next cleaning, if you have 2 units this makes $ 60.

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